About us

Melbourne Testing Services Pty Ltd (MTS) has been a provider of mechanical and structural testing services since 1999 and is a family owned and operated business. The managing director, Rod Wilkie, has over 25 years of experience in mechanical testing, structural testing and laboratory management.

MTS is a public testing company that provides testing and calibration services to manufacturers and consumers to ensure that their products conform to design specifications and Australian and International standards. MTS specialises in mechanical and structural testing services including destructive testing, proof load testing and Research and Development.

MTS also offers calibration services for force measuring devices, load cells, force gauges and hydraulic rams and jacks.

Our skilled employees have a professional attitude and in addition to the above services can provide consultancy for failure analysis, structural integrity and site inspection, with emphasis on quality and client confidentiality.

MTS is accredited with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 ensuring that all testing and calibrations are carried out in accordance with strict quality control initiatives and all relevant Australian and International Standards are adhered to.

The MTS accredited laboratory is equipped with a range of calibration and mechanical and structural testing equipment ranging from 200N to 20MN including the following:

  • A 500kN servo hydraulic testing frame with the latest software suitable for testing large structures.
  • Two 300kN servo-electromechanical, universal testing machines that operate using a closed loop computer control system enabling accurate test results for a large range of tension, shear and compression tests.
  • An Instron 500kN fatigue testing machine operating with the latest software provides static and dynamic test methods for the determination of strength and fatigue life.
  • A 300kN tension and compression testing machine suitable for testing reinforcing material for concrete.
  • A 5MN compression and 2MN tension testing machine.
  • A 20MN compression test rig suitable for calibration of hydraulic rams and jacks

MTS specialises in compression, tension and bend testing of materials and products. Testing can be conducted to destruction or proof loaded to ensure that products have adequate strength to perform as intended. Confidence in knowing the performance attributes and strength of products is an important consideration for manufacturers, retailers and end-users.